Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 24-28, 2015

Welcome!  We are one day into our first week of school!  I am hoping this will be a great start to the year!  Here are some highlights for the week:

Literacy:  We will be going over the procedures and expectations for "Reader's Workshop."  Students will be reading independently every day.  We will be working on various skills throughout the year.  Students should be reading books that are not too challenging and not too easy.  They will be required to do many responses according to what they are reading.  Beginning in September, students will have a reading log to fill out.  They will be expected to read 420 minutes a month.

Math:  We have begun Chapter 1 in math which covers place value.  Students will always be divided into different groups according to their pretest for each concept.  I have told them to expect homework daily.  Students should also be practicing their math facts.

Social Studies:  We began Unit 1 yesterday.  Social Studies in 4th grade is all about Indiana history.  We started a vocabulary list.  We will have a quiz over these words on Friday.  This is something the students should be studying each day.

Writer's Workshop:  We will work on procedures and expectations for writing.  We will work on a variety of different genres.  Students will complete various projects throughout the year that center around writing.

We will be utilizing GoogleDocs this year.  This is something that students can access at home as well, so they can continue to work on different projects.  Please let me know if you have any questions at any time!