Classroom Information

Assignment Books
In order to help everyone stay organized, the students will be responsible for filling out their assignment books each day.  This will help inform you on what is expected daily.  Assignment books can be purchased for $3.00 at the school book store.  Please let me know if there is a problem with purchasing an assignment book.  By September 2, 2016, a parent signature will be required daily.  I will also use this as a way to communicate any behavior issues that may have occurred that day at school.  You may also use this to write notes to me.

Newsletters/Classroom Information
In order to keep everyone informed on upcoming events, I have a blog that you can access online.  I will update it each week with the weekly events and also daily with homework assignments.  The address to this blog is  This blog is designed to keep you informed of important events, changes in schedule, or any classroom news.  Please be sure to read these each week.  I will also post information on Class Dojo. 

Students can expect to have homework almost every day.  Generally, there will be math homework each day, in addition to completing study guides, studying for tests and reading. Fourth grade curriculum is “meatier” than years past, so it is important for your child to stay organized and on top of their work.  Students may be given a little time in class to work on assignments.  Anything not completed in school is expected to be completed at home.  Students should also be reading at home for at least 420 minutes each month.  This may include library books, classroom books or anything else of their choosing.  There will be monthly reading logs that will need to be signed by a parent and turned in.  Each day that homework is completed AND their assignment book is signed, students will receive a raffle ticket.  One raffle ticket will be drawn on Fridays for a Free Homework Pass.   If students do not have their homework completed, they will work on it at recess until the assignment is complete.  

Birthday Treats
You may feel free to send in a treat for your child’s birthday.  Please be sure that you send enough for everyone.  Currently we have 26 students and 1 teacher!   If your child has a summer birthday, you may pick a different day during the school year.  Please just send me a note, an email or give me a phone call to let me know when you are sending in treats.

Parent Volunteers
I will always welcome any kind of volunteers for our class.  Please complete the volunteer form that is in your folder if you are able and willing to volunteer in the classroom.  Also, if you did not have a chance to sign up to help at the classroom parties and would like to, please let me know!  You must have a current criminal history background check on file BEFORE you can volunteer at school!

It is essential for your child to know multiplication and division facts.  This will help them in their daily math assignments.  If your child does not know his or her math facts, please practice them daily.  We will have a new math program this year.  Your child will have a math book that he/she will need to bring home to complete assignments.  There may also be some other assignments sent home that will not be in the actual math book.  

Science/Social Studies/Health
You can expect one and occasionally two tests for each of these subjects per quarter. For some units, I assign projects instead of tests. Study guides may also be assigned as homework. Our Science information can be found at  Your child will receive their login information when we get started.  

Online Learning

Throughout the year, we will utilize various online learning websites.  One of the major sites that we will use is  Your child will have his/her own login and we will work on various skills throughout the year.  If your child has trouble completing assigned IXL lessons at home, please let me know and they will have the chance to work on them at school.  

Specials Schedule:


We will have lunch from 11:25-11:45 and recess from 11:45-12:05.

Classroom Management
This year, I will be utilizing Class Dojo to keep track of behavior. 

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