Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May Information

The year is winding down, but we still have a lot going on!  Here are some highlights:

Literacy Centers are due on May 19th.  The students have already had a week to start on these.

Math:  We have begun working with decimals and fractions.  The students will have "seat work" daily and IXL homework.  Please make sure they are completing these assignments and turning them in on time.

Social Studies:  We have started Unit 4.  The students have started a new vocabulary list.  Please help your child by studying these words with them at home.

Walk of Fame:  The students were given their person to research for our Hoosier Walk of Fame.  There is information in their Google folders.  We will research at school, but they can also do some researching at home.  We will begin working on a slideshow presentation next week.  At this point, I want the kids to learn as much about their famous Hoosier as they can.

April Reading logs are past due.  Please ask your child if he/she has turned their log in.  

Finally, we will have NWEA testing next week.